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  your family,
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A boutique law practice dedicated to Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning



Wills & Estate Planning

Everyone, regardless of age or wealth, should have a properly drafted Will, healthcare directives, durable financial power of attorney, and perhaps a revocable living trust. A comprehensive fundamental estate plan allows you to protect your person and assets, name guardians for your minor children, and secure the inheritance you leave behind from mismanagement, divorce, and creditors.

Estate Tax Planning

Many of our clients have a net worth between $6 million and $30 million, and for some of these families, Federal or New York estate taxes can take a huge bite out of their legacy. However, smart planning can minimize or eliminate this burden. We routinely counsel clients on the implementation of an array of tax-saving techniques customized to their situation, including credit shelter trusts, SLATs, GRATs, CLTs, Family partnerships and LLCs, and Grantor Trust planning.

Probate & Estates

When a loved one passes away, the many administrative and legal issues that must be taken care of can add a great deal of stress to an already difficult time. We can help you navigate the process and ease the burden of dealing with courts, creditors, heirs, and institutions like banks and brokerage houses.

Insurance Trusts (ILITs)

Life insurance may pay out income tax free, but many people don't realize it can be subject to estate taxes. A well crafted ILIT can save your family hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in estate taxes, as well as protect the proceeds from divorce, remarriage, spendthrifts, and creditors. These complex instruments require expertise and experience to implement and coordinate. We can help.

Medicaid Protection Trusts

Long term care costs are one of the biggest threats to the middle class. A $10,000+ per month nursing home bill can easily bankrupt most families. Thankfully, smart Elder Law planning can protect your home and other assets from long term care costs and Medicaid claims. We can help you implement a Medicaid Protection Trust (a/k/a Income Only Trust) to secure your legacy and ensure your loved ones inherit your most precious assets.

Special Needs Trusts

If your child or other loved one has a developmental disability, then a Special Needs Trust (a/k/a Supplemental Needs Trust) can be an essential tool to safeguard their eligibility for Medicaid and SSI while also protecting their inheritance and ensuring it is used appropriately for their welfare, enrichment, and quality of life. We can help.


Why Choose Donlon & Associates?

We do one thing, and we do it well.

     We don't try to be everything to everybody. Our entire practice is focused exclusively on Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning—a complex field with wide-ranging legal, tax, and financial implications. We believe you deserve, and are best served by, our undivided attention and dedication to this practice area.

We make it easy.

     Whether you have a multi-million-dollar estate that requires sophisticated tax and wealth transfer planning, or you need just the basics, we do our best to make it easy for you. Consultations can be done via video-conference (e.g. ZOOM) or in-person at our our office, as your prefer. During our conversations, we won't try to impress you by quoting legal statutes and arcane tax provisions, instead we will explain everything in clear, plain language. We always will speak with you, not at you. 

We focus on exactly what you need - never more, never less.

     Our goal is to ensure your estate plan addresses all the vital issues facing your family while avoiding needless complexity and remaining as streamlined as possible. We carefully consider the practicality and emotional implications of your plan, and strive to balance them with the technical and legal aspects. In addition, we provide guidance on coordinating our legal work with your overall financial plan (e.g. proper beneficiary designations for your retirement plans and life insurance). 

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"Since I started my practice more than 15 years ago, I’ve worked directly with each and every client. When we work together, I will personally meet with you, answer your calls and emails, design your estate plan, and draft your documents. It’s hard to find this level of connection and attention at many other firms – I consider it a core strength of my practice.

I invite you to call me directly to discuss your needs and circumstances. I’d be delighted to help."

Joseph P. Donlon, Esq., CFP®

Fordham University School of Law - Juris Doctor - 2001
Adelphi University Honors College - B.A. - 1998
Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards - CFP - 2003

Tel: 212-242-8300




233 Broadway, Ste. 801

New York, NY 10279 

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Tel:  212-242-8300

Long Island Office

We maintain a satellite office in Melville, NY for the convenience of our clients in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

To avoid delays, all mail should be sent to the NYC office.


445 Broadhollow Road, Ste. 124

Melville, NY 11747


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